Why Danio?

Existing technology captures less than 5% of a patient's well-being. With Danio, capture it all through the Care Network. Finally, get all the information you need securely, conveniently, and in real time for quicker interventions that save lives. Our system is HIPAA secure and will help manage your healthcare and will create a stream of communication within your care network.

What Danio does

When someone you love is receiving care, you want to stay informed, whether you live in the same town or thousands of miles away. With Danio DiaryTM, you can be sure you get real-time updates from the people providing care to your loved one. Whether youʼre helping to coordinate care or simply want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that youʼre getting information when you need it, Danio is there for you.

How Danio works

Danio Diary allows family and friends the ability to track individuals receiving care in real time as updates are made by authorized users. Tracking loved ones can be done at no charge using our free app (for Apple and Android devices) or using an online browser. Whatever your device, Danio Diary will help connect you to your loved ones.
Who will benefit?
-- Jane S., Wilmington, DE